Shallow Learning II

Posted by sazali


Yesterday I wrote something on shallow learning .  It means you just know the title of a subject content i.e., you never dive deep about that particular topic.

Now I want to write something on how to know more.

I better write with mathematics as the point in context.

To know more you have to:

(i)  read more on something that is important in the eyes of your teacher/ lecturer
(ii)  do some exercises.  Try the middle questions /  the advance questions.

Look at some examples from book 1, book2 , book 3 etc etc.  I think there are many books in the library about mathematics induction, recurssion , algorithms and Hamiltonian principles.

** It is good to read, think and do something / some exercises.  Try and do it one more time.  Even though you have successfully solved 5 questions already ..try solvng Q4, Q5 and Q6 in that order.

Slowly you begin to know more about a topic, sub topic in maths.

I think thats all for today/

Take care/

Wallahu aklam.  Allah knows more/


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