Post PA PERDANA talk

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Tadi saya kasi simple talk on PA Perdana.

The main things I talked were:

(1)  stay focus

we must be focused in our jobs including studies.  No matter what you are, you must focus studying to get your Bachelor degree, masters and PHD.

(2)  be careful driving on Batu Pahat Kluang road.  This is the most dangerous road. It is constructed like a PLUS HIghway but it passes thro a village of javanese people mending their  oil palm plantations.  If you (students) can ride your baby  motorbike from home (Bangi) to school and then home only all your life .. plz don't try driving a motorbike here.  U can be sucked by the trailers with 40 tires etc etc.  Some drivers here think they are still on the PLUS Highway.  Many stupid deaths had occurred in this part of the world.

(3)  Punctuality, well organized and stay smart with your hair, dress and hair.

Look nice. If you look nice , I look nice ..then everybody will look nice.  Insyallah.

That's all my main talk all about.  Sad to see that my Dean, my Assistant Dean , few big shots in this faculty ..not seen anywhere under the canopy.  May be I am not so good enough .. to attract their immediate attention. (laugh).

TQ Madame ( em-cee)  Suriati Suparjoh

Wallahu aklam.


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