Surface Learning III

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We day dream a lot every day, don't we?

That was why .. we cannot focus on many important things examples solving maths question 1 and 2 today.  BTW, what was you dreaming about?

Are you going to be the KING?  never boy. no chance at all. Your dad is just a rubber tapper and your mum wash the chinese clothes in the town.  NEVER!
Are you going to be the wife of our beloved PM?  no chance again/  why?  see the eyes of his present WIFE. (laugh).  Can you stand been shot dead by her again?  (laugh)

So what are u dreaming at?

To stay focus please practice this:

(i)  buy a football NOWWWW  and a small goal post say the breadth of the goal post is exactly the size of the football.  BOLa itu.  Put the goal post front of your house/ hostel/ back yard.

(ii) every day ..try and kick the football into the goal post.  Can you do it?  Scoring the goal.
If u can't keep on trying plz.  Do it about 30 times a day.

Try to get the ball pass through the goal mouth.  Target at least 3 perfect shots a day/  next week let it be 6 perfect targets from 30 kicks directly towards the goal posts//  next 2 weeks let the atarget be 10 etc etc //  god willing   if can stay put doing that daily .. u r in the  habit of staying to focus//  Yes I say please ..did u get what I mean boy?

By practicing that ..slowly u are putting urself  to focus on one important thing in our life.  YES.  scoring goals!  AChieving the aim of our life!
Many great F1 drivers in Sepang International Circuit , Malaysia knows what I mean by stay focus/  their driving skills at top speed 250 km - 350 km per hour such a small circuit talks volume the importance of staying themselves to focus.  Winning the race!

Compare that to .... Many accidents happen on Parit Raja Batu Pahat Super Highway ..because the dead one .. lost focus.

They dreamt of becoming the next P.M when they were  in fact never .. never got themselves  involved in any kind of politics.  In fact when they talk in front of the public, no body can hear anything wise / logic about anything from them.  No chance!

Many bachelors wanted to have kids but they lack one basic quality.  Yes.  Getting  married first.  Then u have kids, god willingly.  Marriage  as what Islam demanded from us ..  SIMPLE?

Till then .. good bye/

Wallahu aklam.


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