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Just to share

Today I am in a course 21st Century Educator.  google  ZAIDLEARN <enter>  from IMU

The facilitator said ..now to be a teacher in the year 2013 onwards , you need to have

(i) content knowledge, a body of knowledge like maths, engineering etc
(ii) pedagogical knowledge i.e., how to teach in a classroom of 30, 40, 70 or 500 students effectively
(iii)  I.T.  knowledge i.e.,  IPAD, IPOD, samsung, Apples, ..,  more and more money to be I.T. savvy

but in the university you need something called a licence named - Ph.D//  No comment  I think (he..he..).


You need FOUR things ... to be in a university.  Repeat reading things  i put up there please.
God bless you ..readers.  Ameen.


  1. ghazally said...

    Then, I disqualified myself

  2. sazali said...


    I forgot to put ..

    you must be young and fit too/
    So I also disqualified myself . He..he..

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