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Bila kita pergi konferens , selalu kita dengar mat salleh bercakap/ bertanya kpd pembentang -pembentang kertas kerja

' how do you address the issues .. Sir?'
' is the objective goes in line/ parallel to/ with what you had addressed just now ..?'

2)  So what is the word 'address' here mean?

3)  Initially when i first joined the circles of researchers many years back ..

I thought 'address' mean .. the number of my house/ my town/ my country ..things like that lah.

Then ..  one day .. I began to understand ..the word much more ..appropriately when i started to read many research papers, conference proceedings and journals.

4)  Address means ..

4.1  how do you tackle the issues?
4.2 how are you going to solve that issues ?
4.3 how are you going to design / develop a computer system that can answer the 'gap' as found in your Literature Review?

5)  In short .. address ..  refers to:

method/  how you are going to assess or measure the outcome / output

whether ..the answer had solved the problem as specified in the 'PROBLEM STATEMENT'.

6)  See?  it is easy right?

Hope it helps ..  these explanation.

Till then Good Bye.

All the best mate!

Dr S.


  1. Anonymous said...

    tadi paper exam kami ada guna istilah 'address'..
    tq kerana perkongsian ilmu

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