What I think of using modern tools in my lessons

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I am retiring soon.  God Willing!
After careful reflection this is what I got from all these new I.T gadgets in 21st Century Educators courses.

We got:

(i)  many things fast .. content of any course ..you just google / youtube
(ii)  the feelings . that fast learning create faster understanding ;  faster skill makings; so our students must know everything fast, faster, fastest .  Their comparison is valid.  But is learning .. all about fast , speed , ..  accumulation of wealth?  how can we assess ..  that the assignments are truly genuine .. not plagiarize from anywhere from the internet?  false impression/ false assumptions .  You know what ..assumptions is the mother of all kinds of lies. 
(ii) many versions on any particular topic such as ALGEBRA. A Mumbai professor teach Algebra usinga standard while a MIT Professor used swings to teach algebra.  So comparison is made ..fast and may be more effective as reagrd to a lecturer teaching algebra at P/Raja.   As such it seems you do not need a teacher any more.  Less respect?
(iii)  less authority/ less niche area about our mastery
(iv)  less respect ..  the students always think they can get better 'lessons' else where from the open sources easily  and
(v)  less motivation to excel from the many teachers, students, schools and universities etc etc

Suddenly we are afraid of :

(i)  many things ..  example .. our final exam paper ..  could have leaked out prior to the actual date of the examination

(ii)  many unnecessary things in our emotional life..  more anxiety/ tension/ stress / unwanted stress/ password issues/  private pictures ..suddenly sent across the wires by our own 4 year old daughter  /

(iii)  more breakup of new families ...  and it could also lead to divorce , confessions , killings , poison etc etc  and the greatest success story is

(iv)  the west get more money from their superior technology and exploitation etc etc.  Examples the arabs buying everything ..  from the west etc etc. They got all the most up to date laboratory but ..alas ...  they have few students who really want to study in their mother lands.

So what?

(i)  good to go back to the old things   ..used traditional books, let the students used pen and papers to solve maths problems,  .. by doing so  the students respect the teachers again/ practice more islamic values , customs ..in order to safe guard ..  our communities etc etc

(ii) if you respect your teachers .. you gain their knowledge insyallah else .. there is no berkat in your learning and teaching

iii)  we spend more money on many unnecessary things ..  camera, handsets, wires, iPADS, broadbands, connections, and after spending all that .. our houses went CRACK/  DESTROYED/ ROBBED/   DIVORCES/ KILLINGS

(iv)  senior ladies spending more money to shed kilograms from their waists , weight loss .. they cannot sleep well .. they are afraid their husbands running after 'fitter and slimmer' girls.. etc etc.  Some ladies ..  can cook no more /  eating outside /  lead to more ..  diseases etc etc. makanan terkena  Air Kencing Tikus?  tak takut awak? semua berlaku di luar sana ..luar dari rumah tangga anda 

So ..  insyallah .. I want to read more Al Quran , read more hadiths , try to practice what I know more and more .... and try to persuade by dakwah (unknowingly) my students to stick fast to the true teachings of the Holy Prophets. s.a.w.

I think that is all for the time being.

TQ.  Apology if I wrote wrongly (if any..)

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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