Teruknya anak anak kita ..

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Semalam saya membaca 1 komen ..ngeri dari Kuala Lumpur ..perihal ..prestasi graduan graduan tanah air ...sewaktu mereka hadhir untuk di temuduga ..

Mereka ( orang bangsa India  Datuk M.S. Mahadevannnn  , Cina, Serani, Sikh, melayu Tan Sri ..  presiden korporat ..)  menggadu 3 - 4 benda penting:

(i)  graduan kita demand gaji tinggi tinggi  selalunya 4000 - 7000 RM sebulan
(ii)  they r not looking for candidates with great command of english but those with a moderate command to get the task done ..but the pool of graduates who apply for jobs can only write  in SMS jargon, which is not a formal way to carry out business correspondence.'  he said in an interview yesterday.  Sunday Star 2 June 2013 page 5 main paper.

(iii)  terjemahan: graduan kita bercakap inggeris menggunakan grammar dan stail SMS handsets mereka selama ini....  seperti .. mereka can say ..thank you so much ..  bye .. hope to get good consideration .. THEY NEVER CAN SAY 1 solid sentence in ENGLISH .. correctly. Like:  I hope you can give me a very good consideration based on my resume and today's interview gentlemen.
hw cm ..say that?    i cm by bus ..  not jalan jalan ..so hot out there ..  ma

i ok today ..but if u give me job ..  next week sure sure more OK ..  he..he..

panel:  can you describe yourself?
interviewee :  i am safuan safwan ..  a java boy..from segamat ..  i love playing soccer barcelona, real madrid .. like that lah.  RedWarriors ..i also like one.  Give me a like.

academic?  if you ..belek belek my resume .. u will see .. all subjects i got 'A' 3.5 ..overall 3.46 .. in degree bachelor applied physics .. i don't like group work especially .. with bengali, cina vietnam, cina singapura .. like that lah ..  i am more kelate or jawa maghi .. if my group ..all malays .. i perform ..sure better sirs.

b4 degree ..i studied in mrsm pendang , kedah.  it is near thailand ..  everything cheap there ...  but in mrsm ..i like more agama islam than additional maths and physics put together ..

i not know why ..may be ..  i less focus agama islam when in segamat ..since my parents ..  hate each other ..like that lah .. so bad, isn't it sirs?

now ..i am in front of you ..  u think i am ok ..for the job .. sure i can do the job .. else ..  (loop)  can use case statements like that i think.

panel 2:  why don;t you like group work sofwan?
interviewee:  more trouble ..  i don't like any one to boss boss me ..  enough already at mrsm and my university .. people boss boss me all the time. I hate that .

panel 3:  can you tell us .. what can you contribute to our firm ..if we employ you next week safwan?
interviewee:  ohsss .. what you mean contribute?
panel 3 :  contribute means .. what can you give us .. back ..if we take you in as an I.T. executive ..?
interviewee: o i c.  i can be front office .. i think i am a handsome guy ..  i can talk talk ..english ..so cool, relax one.

sure ..the clients will like me more and from there .. our firm can get more contracts ..  i think so.

panels 1,2,3 :  (big laugh)
panel 1:  how handsome are you safwan?
interviewee:  compared to hamid ghurkha .. i smile sweeter than him/  what say u?

panels 2,3 :  (bigger laugh)
panel 1:  (looks a bit angry ...)   ok ok .. we tell you in 2 months time .. wish u well mr safwan. good luck ..and good day.

safwan:  cheers.

So what you think?


bagus kah ..  cara bercakap begitu itu?

Klau tak bagus .. fikir fikirkan lah.

4)  tak patut .. (mulutku ..chak chak chak ) .. orang korporat berkata begitu.  Ini zaman I.T.  mereka belajar zaman darurat Malaysia/ Indonesia konfrantasi .. komunis ..

kita sekarang dah tahu banyak sms / i.t .. kenapa nak samakan zaman depa dgn zaman la ni/  gilo dio tu?


Entah .. nanti saya menulis lagi.  Sambil sambil itu ..fikir fikirkan lah ..

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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