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Today insyallah . ..  my last paper .. examination from 0900 to 1130 hours.  Statistics ...paper. After this I retire from the teaching world.  I sacrifice my job (we retire at 60 years but I took 56) for young graduate to enter the government service.  One vacancy now, anybody out there?

I really hope my 300+ students can answer the paper very well.

They  have known their carry marks already  last week.  Hopefully they can strategized to get grade A, B, C and the rest for this paper.  This 60% coursework + 40% finals format ..  we adopted from USA.  I think the assessment is good so that they are continuously being assessed from early to the end of the  semester.

2)  I think I have done my best by suggesting more than 12 different projects  that carry 20% ( a part of 60% coursework).  They did it in groups.  We used Team Evaluation Form (adapted from Australian University) to check how true their commitments and spirit is - in solving the project as a group member within 8 weeks.

I saw all students ..awarded 10/10 to their members.  Good feeling I suppose?

With that .. all the best ..  you there.

God Bless You.  Ameen.


  1. Anonymous said...

    salam...terima kasih sir kerana memberi dan mencurahkan segala ilmu kepada saya dan juga rakan-rakan yang lain..halalkn semua sir..sir adalah guru yang terbaik..

    -BIS student

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