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In this course ..

I heard that one MIT Professor spends 40 hours in order to prepare 1 hour lecture. Youtube  Prof Walter Lewin MIT.

Yes 40 hours.

2)  I saw the YOUTUBE this prof ..  swinging from a rope .. driving a motorbike ..from one end to the other end ..of the lectute hall ..just to tell / demonstrate ..the concept of physics..

See 40 hours lesson preparation ..  just to deliver 1 hour lecture.

3)  How about us .. guru/ pensyarah politeknik/  pensyarah Universiti / penulis blog ini (he..he..)..

how much time did you spend to deliver 1 hour lesson to your students?

3.1  do you reuse your old notes?
3.2  do you make a new one?
3.2  you recycle somebodies' work?
3.3  little preparation really ..   anything after getting the GURU PAKAR  DG54/ Professor  status ..  why ?  everything at our finger tips. the mathematics I mean.   That's what we think ..

o yes that Professor ..has spend 40 years teaching physics in M.I.T. before someone caught him on video.  He looked so absorbed in his teaching and students.  And the lst thing .. the students clapped their hands ...  I think they are very impressed with his display.  Great!

See?  that's why .. the Americans can write any books .. and most of the books are purchased by the the higher institute of learning in  Malaysia, Asia, Africa  and many more Arab countries.

Good ..isn't it?

Dewan Bahasa Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur  is fighting a losing battle ..  so that many veteran and retiring teachers do write subject books in Bahasa Malaysia .  But .. can we write a book that can be purchased/ used  ..by the Europeans or Americans?  there is no other way .. It must be put in English .. though.

The answer could be YES/ No.

Let us focus on NO answer.

We can't sell well because:

(i)  it is not a habit among us to write books  .. At PESTA BUKU ANTARABANGSA PWTC  we found so many motivation books ...written mostly by the "malays".  example one  wrote a book about work ethics , cookery, cutlery, motivation, exercise, jogging, traditional medicine, solat khusyuk   etc etc ..but in truth few of us  ..write a book about their real niche area say Intermediate Electronic Engineering in English.

So many revision books on display.  So many modules on sale.  All money making which is fast and .. we can used that money to buy many things .. at a faster rate than generating money from royalties etc etc (perhaps).  Short term ..gains I think.

I think that's all ..  mates.

Sorry ..  a bit tired now.  Ha..ha.. going to early lunch now.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.  (thousand apologies ...i try to share  .... my late dad used to say .. good medicine is always bitter and pahit.. but it works well at the end..)


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