Bila syaitan menangis teramat sangat ..

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Syaitan dan iblis sudah lama berjanji dengan tuhan iaitu Allah yang Maha Kuasa .. dia akan terus menggoda anak anak cucu Adam a.s. sampai bila bila. Itu kerja terkutuk mereka.  Syaitan membisik ikut telinga manusia ' .. zina, rasuah, arak, menipu, zalim, bunuh, mengebom orang , dan lain-lain ...

Tetapi .. Tuhan kata .. yes go ahead...

Example 1:

there was a couple ..  they did maksiat most of the time.
But one day .. they decided to get married.

Once they got married under islam with all its rules and procedures ..

that is the point when .. syaitan and iblis will cry like those stupid dogs for ever and ever regarding that couple that the syaitan n its gang were influencing them to live in sins.  Why?  all the actions they do now  are taken as legal (halal) in the eyes of Allah. So how syaitan? Stay crying .

Example 2:

Allah declare to the believers in the Holy Quraan '..  if you ask for pardon from me ..I will forgive you o those who believe ...'

so again syaitan and its gang ... continued crying ..  ever since.

but .. you know ..  this creation  of Allah called syaitan and  iblis never give up.  See?

So to be safe ...  remember Allah always.
Those who remember Allah in Ramadhan .. and keep on remembering HIM after Ramadhan ....  Allah will remember him too.  It means Allah will help you.

That's all for today .. good bye.
Wallahu aklam ..bis sawab.  Al Fatihah.  p/s:  I am just a postman.  I deliver letters daily. Read the letters and ... for goodness sake ..ignore the postman.  I believe .. if you cannot give alms(sedekah berupa wang rinngit dan makanan )  openly in ramadhan .. say good things is the smallest deed i will try doing. Is that fine with you ?


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