Good Bye my friend

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Yesterday I got the bad news .. Mr Atan (FPTV, UTHM) has passed away in Kuala Lumpur. Al Fatihah.

I felt so sad because he was always with Prof Dr Sulaiman Yamin and me duriing 1000 am roti canai session in Sri Gading.  He always take 2 pieces of  roti canai.

The last thing he spoke to me was .. I wanted to join you .. lah .. I must retire next year at 58 instead of 60.  It has been taxing all this way, you know?   .. I cannot compete with the young staff any more.  My body needs more time to recuperate after every tasks executed especially if I went  outstation.  Think ..I must  follow you lah young Dr.  Why should we work so hard, right?  Enough is enough ..  we are getting no younger now.   We just eat what we have ..  from the money in our respective pockets.

Those words still linger in my mind as I am typing this article to be shared by the rest of the community.  If I were to compare his health with mine, I think he was on the upper hand all the way. (laugh).

Well it was just few weeks ago before Ramadhan smiles at us muslims world wide.  Now it is just a sweet and sour memory.  The sourness is . most the time I got a sour liquid(kuah curry)  to eat with my roti canais.  May God bless you my Friend.  I recalled this sayings by our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a . w.   If the son of Adam were to pass away he left every thing except 3 things

(i)   amal jariah ..  donations for the masjid, jalan raya, balai raya, suraus, old books kept and used in the library till the books went into dust
(ii)  knowledge he had imparted to the others where they will use the knowledge for their daily lives
(iii)  pious children who will pray for his safety in the graves and the hereafter.  Ameen. How true it was?

All souls will die including me soooner or later.  Let this remind me .. all the time. Al Fatihah.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.

p/s:  it is hard to forget you .. Mr  Atan because we went for the interview in KUITTHO on the same day in 1999. You went to the interviewing room first before me.  I saw your smile ..after the session ..signalling that we are going to be a part of KUITTHO/ UTHM history.   Both of us were MOE Polytechnic's lecturers.


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