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If we are doing PhD .. all your friends are saying to someone , he had left  doing a research.  If your research produces series of journals ..and a thesis .. then you are awarded the title Ph.D

But ..  it is not as easy as that.

2)  The dilemma is .. what to research?  To help you, you must produce a proposal.  This is not so easy.

There are guidelines to write a proposal.  Introduction --- Problem Statement  -- Motivation --- Objectives --   Methodology --- Success Stories --  Expected results.

In that order I suppose ... depending on your field of research.

Once the proposal was accepted by the faculty, university ..then you are let to get on with the business.

3)  You are required to read from the Literature.  3 years from now.  Write down the summary of your reading(s).  Fill up the matrix table.  Four columns.  First author and the title of the paper that yoou had read ,  objective of the paper,  methodology used and finally the findings + contribution.

Is there any thing that connect this findings with your research title?  If YES ..great . Where is it?
If NO .. don't worry ..  it is common .. keep on reading ...

If You read ..  don;t thing about BRAZIL with SPAIN playing footballl in Brazil.
If you read ..don't worry about politics.  Well are sent abroad not to solve the world's problem you know?


If you read , don't worry so much about  the goats and cows on the field out there under the hot sun.  They are well taken care off.  Just read and focus with your reading.

When I read a journal .. it took me 1 week at least to scan, to really read and finally to sumarize and filling up the matrix table.  If I read something so fast .. i am so sure it must not be a reserach paper .  It could be a report from THE SUN (England ) or Daily Mirror (England).

So with that ..

don't worry.  You do your work
In the week ends .. go to the park and walk.  Talkk to yourself ..  what you had read so far.  So what is troubling you  ..REALLY?

if you do that .. 50% of the problem will go away. Else .. you better spell the word RESEARCH carefully.

My doa for you out there.  I did it ..and I am sure you can do it too. Why?  Both of us the same SUN, the same MOON , if we eat hot food ... you and I will feel the same HOT/heat in our mouth/ if both of us jumped into the lake ..  both of us get wet .. so in the end ..  I got my PhD .. and you are going to get yours too.  Dont worrry ..OK?


Dr S.


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