We lost battling them again and again

Posted by sazali


We lost against our many enemies.  One of them is grouped as nafsu, iblis and syaitan.

Now we are in the middle of Ramadhan.  In spite of the rewards promised by the Al Mighty Allah ..many of us still lost the battle such :

(a) we tend to sleep so much in the day time
(b)  we cannot resist FB during our working hours
(c)  if there are opportunities to arrive late, we would say we are late because of 'solat', children at schools etc etc.  In short we LIED, cheated

(d)  some of us .. know that by praying in congregation ..we get 27 times more 'shawab' than to pray alone in our offices ..butt .. we keep on postponing going to the masjid on the pretext that we are very busy with so many unending work.
(e)  we spend more than necessary most of the time including this Ramadhan.  Just look at our dining table ..we have heap of  food at 0700 pm ..but at 0930 pm ..some food gonna  to the dustbin.

See?  why did this happen?  Last 30 years the scenario was just like this ..
We bought thick kitabs, new version kitabs with colour and many kinds of translation and we have new idols with Ustaz Don and Ustaz Azhar  .. but alas

our habits never change.

That is why we must say 'taubah' to Allah for all these losing battles ..

we can not win any thing if we can't defeat our old enemies as proclaimed by the Al Mighty Allah.  Why is this so?

may be ..

we never want to fight this kind of enemy.  Examples the nafsu say .. let us sleep more after Subuh Solat ..ooops we miss the bus to school, polytechnics and universities .

Then come the syaitan .. jom let us go online ..we check the celebrities  .. and we are lost in the world of gossip and semi nude artists; and b4 we say Quit ..jom  syiatan whispered we should visit the tudung with many kinds of colours and layers.  Is this covering our body is to obey Allah or we want to generate more money by going business?

then come the chief marshal of all time .. tabik spring .. to the general ..  iblis ..  they know us in and out.  What we like , dislike .. they all know us ..  we go lembik on our lutut ..

see how on earth are we going  ..  to beat them in this Holy Ramadhan?

Any ideas please?  Somebody ask me to refer to the kitabs.
Agghhh ..  I think we are just lost donkeys .. who have been carrying  so much kitabs all over the places starting from the middle east .  Really?

the answer could be .. we had decided long ago that we going not to change our habits at all, what come may. Astagh firullah hal azeem.

To Allah I seek help.  Repents all the time.  Our beloved Nabi Muhammad s.a.w say 'astaghfirullah ' thousand times morning and evening ..  seeking Allah's pardon for all the weaknesses we had commited that day .. what about us his beloved followers?

With that .. wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb.  Al Fatihah.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Assalamualaikum, selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan almubarak

  2. sazali said...

    Wa alaikum salam

    Kita kalah dengan nafsu kita kerana kita tak dapat taufiq dan hidayah Allah banyak-banyak. Sebab itukita baca Al Fatihah.

    tk .

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