Fasting are you?

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We are now on the 11th Ramadhan already.

unknowingly by having our Eyes closed and our   eyes opened   ..we are already on the 11th day of Ramadhan.  It means we have another 18 days to use this blessed month to get maximum benefit from the Al Mighty Allah.  God Willing.

If we are not careful, we are gonna waste all the chances that the Al Mighty ever promised.

Jom bear a bit longer with me please..let us check / audit out activities:

i)  FB .. 5 hours a day.  Please stop it.  Try to read more Al Quraan, do zikir by saying Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allah hu Akbar.

ii)  chit chatting about what tudung to wear .. bandung or Acheh style this Raya?  better don't.  Think of using the same tudung .. in the almari.  If you are nice looking, i am sure you will look just nice with August's tudung or July's tudung.  So by thinking that way .. you can save some money.  Deposit the money into Tabung Haji.  If you die tomorrow, Allah take into account ..your sincere intention of going to Hajj with RM30 only.  See the cost of the tudung!

iii)  smoking 1 packet of DUNHILL daily this week?  Please stop somebody's daddy.  save that puffing time and stay istiqamah to the imam doing terawih.  Stay longer in the mosque.  With niat itikaf ..all the seconds you are in the mosque are counted as ibadat.  Not smoking, I'm afraid.

iv)  only 8 rakaat terawih every night .. so far?//My GOD.   Common brother, common sister. Jom tonight we push a bit harder doing 20 rakaats of terawih prayers, shall we?  We can do that easily since tomorrow is still a pubic holiday.  Please use this night a profitable one.  You can do it, can't you?  I am going to push a bit tonight. I was praying 8 rakkats too all these night in the masjid ..but o yes ..i forgot to tell you readers .. I made up the remaining 12 rakaats at home.  And don't forget  do 1 rakaat of Witir prayer b4 .. you sleep .. please.    Have you met Solat Tasbeeh?  if not ..please google and see what is in store for those who make Solat Tasbeeh once in his lifetime.  Try.

v)  if you wife can read Quraan well ..why not ask her to teach you how to read that Quraan a bit better by now.  Every night .. yo u are blessed to sleep with some one who can read well the kitab ..but alas  you take her just a 'bantak peluk' al this while.  Common brother. Use that lady to improve yourself in the eyes of Allah.

Why all this?  because .. please read

Imagine  if this is the last ramadhan //  if u do what i wrote just now ..u r on the right track.  Insyallah. Else .. you had wasted a great great month of blessings, rahmat, berkah and forgiveness by the chief CREATOR of the entire universe.

Please let us do together.  promote 8 rakaat  to 20 rakkat tonight.  We can do it  surely with the taufiq and hidayah from HIM alone.  Ameen.


See you.  He..he..
Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb...  p/s:  syukur i had submitted my first draft of a book for DBP.  Intention?  Allah knows best.


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