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i promised to write more on this topic from the kitab's point of view.

So here i am again.  Alhamdulilah.

Today sunday. The cloud does not smile at me nicely today. So cloudy and .. it means the rainy season is just around the corner.

2) After marrying, all couples would like to have a child asap. This would prove to the whole world who you are. A man or just a vegetable. (Laugh).

Once the child comes, many congratulations come from many sides far and wide. It means god is kind with you.

I got my first boy in leeds, england 3 days b4 my final result came. Alhamdulilah i passed. Syukur nikmat.

3) According to the kitab al quraan and the books of hadiths ..if you provide the food to your wife and children..all those food is considered as ibadat. Allah rewards you virtues and countless blessings.

if you work hard to get the food for your family..all the hardship is counted as ibadat.
Similarly your act of providing clothing, shelter , security and many more.. you will get unlimited blessings from the almighty god Allah.

subhanallah, alhamdulilah and allahu akbar.

3)  ..  but don't be carried away  old man..if you didn't educate your children well especially the mother and your daughters..
the minute they did not obey allah i.e., doing 5 times daily solat ..their sins are all put into your account.  They committed major sins and so did you.  Why?

because you are the father, the husband and in short the manager!

the minute they went out from homes committing zina ..all those wrongdoings are credited into your account too.  Zina (adultery) can be in many forms.  zina from the eyes of the outsiders, zina from many sources. 
why? Because you are the father.

The minute you bought the wife and daughters with sexy and tight fitting clothings ..all their dressings outside the home is counted as sins and your account is credited with that sins too.

why? Your money, your willingness and your happiness to see them wearing that type of clothings daily in spite of knowing fully well that they are endowed with big sexy bums.  Your eyes love seeing that ..what more the others outside your homes especially the men who had left their wives in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia for years.  Aren't you aware of that?

pity you huh?

4) Immediately after marriage, if your girl married with another man.. that process of creditting will go to that menantu's / son-in-law's account. Yours have stopped  as regard to that particular daughter of yours.

That's why in the kitab  in order to marry , you are asked to use 5 criteria@  rubrics

First .. ad deen islam,
secondly, wealth ( jobs ..employment etc)
next, beauty
next, from a good parent and siblings  and
finally , whether she comes from a big number family. Many children, I mean?

now many of us go for wealth (got jobs), beauty, and many chances getting many childrenn..and purposely in the eagerness to marry our daugter we tend to forget ad deen. Whether they hold fast to the true teachings of islam 24/7 or not?

in sum,  we have to think many 'pluses'  and many minuses daily b4 we go to bed.  Ask this question -  am I going to be saved in the hereafter with this family that i have being for the last 10,20,30, ...  n(10) years?  May Allah help us .. ameen. 

Sekian. the Solat zohor has come.  Excuse me plz.


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