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MUET is malaysian university entrançe exam.

I was asked to write something about writing.

Today I write simply about 'Malaysian societies'.

1) You write the main point first example

Malaysia has a multi racial society.

that does not carry any mark.

At MUET level you are asked to elaborate / expand / write more on that point.

So how are you going to do that?

My method is

expand '.. multi racial societies.'

A)  it has three main races called the malays, chinese and indians.

each race practices a particular religion example the malays practices islam while the chinese observes buddhism and the indians -hinduism.

Some chinese and indians are christian followers.

B)  the malays love their elders like their parents and gran parents. To show that they visit their parents once a week. While visiting they brought some cakes , drinks and money.  Sometimes, they send their parents for haj in mecca.


If you can do that ..then you get some marks.

to write that , you must have some vocabulary.
practice = mengamalkan
observe = mengamalkan, menghayati
elders = org org tua mereka, ibu bapa, datuk nenek

2)other then, vocabulary.  You must take care of using correct tenses.

amalan hari harian kita tulis dlm present tense.
'They visit their parents once a week.'

3)  you can connect 2 sentences using 'while'.  Can you find it in the above paragraph?


Think that is all for today. Stay focus and you will make it. Band 3 = pass.

Dr. Sazali Ph.D


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