Just to say thank you

Posted by sazali


everyday we wake up from sleep..we go toileting, praying subuuh , reading al quraan ..then puup

'Breakfast ready darling'.

what should we say to our wife or house maid?

yes you are right.

say 'thank you dear'.

2) many husbands take things for granted as far as small deeds their wives are doing.

we should learn to appreciate her a bit a day.

by saying thank you to our dearest wives..that will motivate them to cook better food for us.  Sometimes..due to our attitude..without saying thank you dear, thank you asmah, thank you darling, and many more act of appreciation..we saw nowadays

many kitchens stop functioning.

as a result more and more families are eating outside.

3)  when we eat outside..we are exposed to unhealthy food where the restorans workers ignore the importance of clealiness in preparing the food.

if we are not careful..one day we can easily got hospitalized from food poisoning or ..we are eating high cholesterol food.

our body suffer. Hheart diseases come from our bad eating habits. Some families take their children at 10pm. Some 11pm.  Soon if this outing becomes habit, our children get obesity, diabetis and cancar.

all kinds of diseases come from the food we consume ..from the roadsides or the places we eat are exposed to many kinds of pollution.

4)  we can control all those by constantly saying thank you mum, thank you darling during the dinner at home.

woman are just human being.  By a simple thank you they can be motivated to serve us better.

i think in this world..the good broad smile from our wives or mums or maids should be taken as the most beautiful sight for the day. Not klcc, suria klcc, lcct or muzeum melaka.

what can those buildings do for us?

but your wives..they gave you children..not 1 sometimes 5, sometimes 8 under your eyes. These are the one who will help you come winter or hot summer sunshine.

in short, practise saying thank you beginning now please.

imagine we lost our wife, our mum.. do you think you will get the same service from your new spouse?

think about that please.

thank you.

smile plz.


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