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Let us say we support tourism.  The good points are:

first tourism attracts fooreigners into our country. When they come, they spend money here?  Many of our local beaches will be known among them. If we treat them well. They will good mouth us.

secondly, tourists brought along their thinking and culture. I think we can share with them our ideas too. But to do that we must encourage tourism in this country.

fourth, have you heard health tourism?

it means many foreigners come here to get long term treatment.  If the treatment is good and effective, they will promote pour doctors, hospitals and traditional medicine like tongkat ali and kachip aminah. (Laugh)

If tongkat ali works well among 70 plus europeans, i am confident 'air asia' can sell tongkat ali like cadbury bars.  What do you think Tony ? He..he..

Fifthly, when tourists come here, and we serve them good food like pineapples and durians, one day the americans will make durian flavoured cakes and bread. This encourage collaboration between researchers fro harvard and university tun hussein onn, johor.  Soon many waks can go to new york and sell traditional maajun and sri tualang honey.  Imagine the President of America taking a 'gentel of maajun' and 3 eggs from 'ayam kampung'.  Like that lah.  Then the world will be a much happier place to live in. Right?

That is it for today.  Those points to write in your writing exam papers. Let the examiners laugh and be happy with your ideas.

i am sure s/he give you Band 3. TRY.

wasallam n cherioo


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