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At this level they expect you to write well on few popular issues.  Examples 1) unemployment  2)  taking holiday overseas 3)  social problem among the malaysian youth.

I begin with the first title.

When you write pay attention on vocabulary and some grammar.

Unemployment happens everywhere.
In this country many graduates are unemplyed.  This is worse among girls.

there are two reasons why this happen.

firstly, the economy of this country is getting bad to worse.  When the companies are poor, they will not take any new graduate to work with them. As simple as that.

or they take new staff but they are paying low salaries for them. Imagine rm1500 for a fresh graduate in shah alam.  That is bad, isn't it?  The cost of food and housing is expensive. That is not good for new staff. They will lead a poor life.  When this happen, many local graduates shun away from the new jobs.  Things get worse bacause some companies are taking foreign workers and they are paying at very low wages.  For the foreigners, the pay is ok because they only work and half of the pay will be sent bavk to their country.  This is not happening among locals. They work and they want to marry and buy houses and cars.  if this cannot be done easily many of the local graduates will not work at all.  So many graduates are staying with their families at home.

second factor of unemployment is the top ministers are blaming that the graduates are not competent in english communication.

i agree 50 percent with that blame.  But basically, if we follow the ministers' talk in english, i do not think they speak well too. Some of their pronounciation is as bad as those from Dabong or Ulu Yam too. But since they are the ministers, most people say they can speak well in english.  I think they highlighted this thing because they are jealous with our degrees like aeronautical engineering , bio chemistry, bio technolgy and software engineering when their children graduated with social sciences only.  Everything looks fine to them since their children join teaching sector and they have a strong cable as big as their thighs and they are laughing in the House of Parliment.  That is not fair, right?


1)  some of my girl students did not practice hard enough expressing their views and opinion.

this happen because of the format of question papers at pmr, spm and stpm.  The structured answer is not helping our students to communicate well.  They produced that type of answering style so that it is easy for them to examine our papers within limited time.

second, they are fond to write using dsms on their hand phones. Examples  go away they type as ' g awy'.  They are used to all sms within 4 year degree program.  Therefore after their study, they write using sms too. What a pity!

I think you have to prepare muet as properly as possible.

ok i stop here.

hope i help a bit there.

thank you.

study the structure of the sentences. Discuss with your friends.

wa llahu aklam.


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