being a daddy

Posted by sazali


many boys wanted to be a daddy some days right?

but do you know job spec of a simple daddy?

herewith i put few challenges being a daddy

first, you must gain some respect from your spouse.

the recognition may come from many ways.  It vould be your brain, body structure or pay cheque.  Which is your strong point?

he he.

if you lose all of those..i think it is quite tough nowadays.

secondly, most of the time you are the chief security officer since god gives you gun between your legs
and thus from day 1 to day 'n'  you are expected to lead your family.

third..being a driver. You drive the children to school and fetch them in the evenings.

if you have money, you can delegate to apek to manage your children.

fourth.. if there is a misunderstanding between your wife n you..99 per cent those around you will put their weight with your wife. Thus you must find a good lawyer to defend you.

Lastly, when you die.. your properties will go to your spouse' s account or your children's account.

good huh.

next time .. i write more from kitab's point of view.

in conclusion, man dies earlier than the lady. Post mortem revealed an exhausted and a foolish man. Laugh.

you want that boys? Thats why no job vacancies for being a daddy. Got me?



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