Thesis 19: Overcoming boredom during phd

Posted by sazali


Some students do feel the boredom  once in a while during their long journey in Ph,D,  Well nobody can blame them.

As an old friend, i had experienced that too.

Boredom comes in many forms. What are they? For simplicity, on this occasion, I pen them two here.

First, the experiments did not show any improvements as  expected.

Second, we failed to publish anything yet after undergoing 7 or 8 semesters of the study.

Please don' panic.  This is not life or death matter.  Don't worry!

What is your advice old friend?  Quick , please.  He..he..


The steps one can take is

first, check your references. Do not under estimate the process of checking the list of references. Have you put it correctly? Did you follow the university's guide?  Did you cite them correctly.  This is to warm you up daily.  Don't worry.  Read on..

second, have a short discussion with your friends away from your research lab or room. This will give you some space to reflect and get some comments from your closed friends.

third, visit your supervisor. Tell him or her your problem. May be he can help by introducing you to his pool of experts.

fourth, try not to engage in business venture when you are stuck with your research. I think you are jumping into another world with different sets of friends and problems.

fifth, i saw few friends went home and get married. Bravo! They told me this give them the true motivation. He..he.  after marriage they brought their wives some where near the research lab.  I DID nOT know WHAT happen next.

sixth, it is wise to check and recheck your method and / or variables.  Will that answer your research questions?

seventh, go jogging. Give yourself some form of relaxation. Sometimes, by improves your blood flow and this help the way to think. Don't sit down or lie down in your dark room doing something unproductive.

eight, read some papers from the magazines, internet but don't spend so long on any issue.  Remember you are the President of America, you know? more over, you are not there to solve all the problems in this world.  Sometimes we read some hardship that people from certain countries undergo but they  managed to survive.  Your hardship in PhD is nothing compared to the killings in Palestine.  So  smile my dear.  You are so better off!    By knowing their stories..this will give you the motivation to look at your problem from another angle.

ninth, pray to god. Tell him your problem. Tell him the machines from the lab did not help you good enough.  Who knows the God can bring you the better machines etc etc.  I believe the power of the Almighty Allah. He brings many solutions and ..bring back my smile too.

please never lose hope from Allah.

Lastly,  you must believe in yourself.  The government and the university have high confidence in your ability to complete your study.  Your PhD is your main aim, right? So don't run away.

I did mine successfully. Many others had completed theirs. We are the world. Have you ever listened to that song?  Trust can do it my son.

till then my doa for you now, yesterday and ever since..Ameen.



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