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I dedicate this for those who got band muet less than 3.

Today i am writing about tourism .

There are many things to write about tourism.

but now i write from bad points on tourism only.


It is not advisable to spend holiday at this time when it is raing heavily.

First..when it rains, we cannot visit many interesting places. We get wet easily. Once we get wet, we are expose to flu and cough. That will not be good for tourist like u and me.
Secondly, malaysian ringgit is weaker than singapore dollar. As a result we are going to spend more money there. That is not good for foreign exchange.  Malaysian tourists are losing out in singapore and australia when our ringgit is weak.

thirdly, some tourists like to go to the zoo. I think their tigers and our tigers are just the same. They smell so awful in their cage.  To spend so much money in seeing tigers, lions and crocodiles is just useless since these animals can be easily found in our jungles and Astro. Wild animals!

finally in december ..visiting is very limited. Many people are going for christmas.  So looking at that condition, it is wiser to holidays in melacca only.  The country is saver than Nigeria and Afghanistan.

see my argument.

think that is all for today.

study the sentence structure.

till then good bye.


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