Good Morning Kelantan

Posted by sazali


Finally we made it.  Putting all our things from Johor on a small lorry and heading towards Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  It took us 12 hours even though the weather was quite good this late November 2013.

2)   We left with heavy hearts ..leaving behind all our good friends , neighbours and everything.  But that is life right?

Nothing last for ever!

3)  Along the way, i was wondering what to do with my remaining years.  He..he..

business?  no.
getting married ?  50:50 chance
writing more ?  70%  yes
spending time in the path of Alllah  ...  Yes 100%
what must I say ..   this life is lent by HIM for a short span in time.

4)  for those who knows me ..  thousand apology ok?  for everything said ..done with .and many more.

t.ill then good bye.



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