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now I write few bad points about tourism.

First is the culture that they brought into our country.

Since Islam is our official religion, hotels that accept non married couple into their rooms is strictly prohibited. This encourage free sex. This influences our young generations.

This also encourage  the spread of sexual diseases like syplis and gonnorhea.  Syplis causes ill deformed babies.  By tourism, the government attracts many prostitutes from China, Vietnam and Thailand.  Thus it creates a lot of social problem among the immigrants and our younters.

Second piint is through tourism, this act as a vehicle to smuggle drugs into Malaysia.  It is a pity to read from the daily papers that our police are spending so much time catching the drug smugglers from Nigeria and Iran.

If there is no tourism, the police can be more effective in controlling robberies and murders on the streets of Kuala Lumpur and other big cities.  NOW MANY illegal immigrants got our mycad. They can apply for jobs like security guards and lorry drivers. Recently one of them shot a bank officer in the process of day light robbery. All this happen because of tourism.  We are opening our country to bad people.  That is the tragedy of tourism in Malaysia.

I think I better stop now.

Now you discuss my criticsm on tourism with your friends.

Good luck.



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