Another Friday my dear friends

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Another Friday right?

We shall have another 3 more Fridays before 2014 ends.

My dear mother always advice me to do 3 things on Friday:

(i) go to Friday morning prayer in the mosque nearest to you & Friday prayer at noon
(ii)  do some charity
(iii) sends as much salawat (darud) to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

I got that advise 40 years ago but it always stay in mind from that day until now.

Why did she say that:

Based on few kitabs of Islam ... the reasons are:

a)  we can not anticipate that we can see another Friday next week

b)  life is not in our hands

c) what has left , we cannot get it back even though we can afford to pay millions of RM or USD now.

Time does not wait for any one.

So it is good to use it the best that we can.


On Friday, if we go to the mosque .. every step we take ..Allah will pardon us ..of our sins .. and lift us high up in the eyes of his other creations of this world,

By going to the mosque , we brought some sakinah, baraqah, rahmat from the al-mighty Allah.  By having that virtues the house will run smoothly like a Toyota Vios running 130 km/ hr on the North/ South Plus Highway

If we send darud to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) once, Allah will sends 10 daruds to you for peace, happiness and pure blessings.

All of us wants happiness. the whites, blacks, browns and yellows are seeking that happiness.  Right?  Did you get it daily?

To get that ...  look up there ..who sends happiness to those who are steadfast praying in the mosque.

With that, I wish myself and my respected readers good .. in all you do today.



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