just being sincere with your work

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Allah loves those who are sincere

(i) teaching
(ii) learning
(iii) practising


To check whether u r sincere try this :

before , during the action and finally after the action.

If you do it for the sake of Allah ..alhamdulilah.

But if u doing it for fame, glory and pure sure , stop it at once and re -niat to do it for God's pleasure


In this wide world, it is difficult to do it sincerely. Why?  We live in societies that care things from both outside and inside.

At this time , as government workers, we are issued the borang KPI , list out what you did the whole year.

This is where we got nothing ..really.

We wrote we taught 1000 hours paid and 1 hour non-paid.

The confession brought our sincerity to naught.  Nothing left behind for us in akhirat.

Just as simple as that.


To get Associate Professor and Dr  , i had to submit 45 pages of god work.  I weight them . 3 kilograms papers!

I told this and that.

At the end I got what I wanted ..  and soon I left ..

because now .. i want to do something ..that i do not need to tell others to evaluate and assess my amal in niat any more.

Yes so simple.

Yesterday out of the blue my psysician suddenly told me ..it is difficult to find sincerity nowaadys except you read salawat to our beloved nabi/ prophet muhammad s.a.w. .

'Allahum sali ala muhammad ..wa ala sayidina muhammad ..' we send one salawat to our beloved prophet and Allah sends 10 salawat directly to us.  if youu send 10000 a day , imagine how much He has send his blessings to you now.

If you pray all night ..without sincerity ..what is it for?

if you die in fightinng against your enemies for name/ promotion /  what for ..?

if you write something nice ..for glory  and fatter bank balance what for?

I don't ask that you know ..i got the preach  free of charge.

See ..God can help you to find your destiny ..ok  the only thing is ..u must tell urself ..this is me my Lord.


Wasallam.  lunch is in the air


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