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'Sakit' is a five letter word which means ILL or pure sickness in terms of one's health.  It comprises of 5 different alphabets .. using the law of permutation we can derive 5! = 5x4x3x2x1 =  120 different words such as 'sakti' which means 'something miracle likely to happen soon'.

As a simple citizen , I think this country is undergoing a period of pure SAKIT (sick, sickness, ill, flu).  Today I want to dwell on two points of sakit this country is suffering.

FIRST .. too many foreign workers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines etc etc.  You name any country .. they are here my friend.

Initially the government had planned well this coming of skilled workers .. but now it seems that this has created 1001 different problems. I feel sad to see malaysian policemen from all ranks i.e., top to the the bottom is spending so much time thinking and handling this massive number of foreign workers.  Last time it was reported we have 4 million of them and now the number has gone 7 million of them. No wonder our police has lost their breath catchin gup with some of them .. producing drugs, selling their apams at many remote places i.e., plantations and also 5 star hotels.

I think a smart government .. can solve this by sending them back to their country of origin.  But since the number is increasing, our government seems so ......   (fill in the blanks boys!)

SECOND ..  education system.

Yes we inherited this system from the British in 1957.  But after 57 loong years .. we controlled the system ourselves.

We have KBSR, KBSM, PMR, PPSMI, PBS, ..PTK3  ..  1957 - 1978 english schools , then al schools using BM as the medium of instruction, then 2002 - 2009 we have maths and sciences in english but ..

our teachers are not getting better, aren't they?  One day our Education Minister was baffled with our English spoken students and graduates.  Well I cannot blame him because he comes from Johor which is just next to Singapore.  Since Singapore used English widely in many walks of life ..there ..  I think Johoreans are the most skillful lots in english in this country  but ..as a lay man ..I just wondered what is there to be baffled with the rest of the states /  it all came from MOE/ MOHE actually.

This education system comprises of 3 important players .  The top education officers in the ministries ..next are the teachers and finally the students.

If we want good graduates and students in English language ..  we must look at the main 2 players especially the teachers.

They sit in the middle of the flow system.  Who hire them?  I don't think the mamak from India got any hands towards this state of affair,  do they?  What I know they mamak had used all their hands and feet the AlMighty ALLAH to 'uli' the roti for  the citizens in the country especially Penang.

I think it is good to dismiss half of the teachers that we have starting those incompetent teachers .. who age 45 - 60 years (of course with valid proofs!).  What do you think?

Then the next half ..we measure their performance yearly from 3 different evaluators .. first the students themselves, the parents and finally the exam results.  By doing this .we can save a lot of money ..paying wages , pensions and ..  this create a batch of teachers who must perform at all times.  They have to be fit ..in many ways.  In Singapore and England , the head teacher can hire and fire any teacher who are not performing at all.

It looks harsh .. but it helps us a lot ..eventually.  Believe me ?

I think that is all for today.  Let us read Al Fatihah .. a gift  for somebody undergoing sakit and soon dying.  Only the sakti can help our country again to be respected by the fellow citizens and many outsiders.  Insya allah.



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