Sebutlah kalimat kalimat ini banyak banyak ..

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Oshhh.. we are about to see the end of 2014 in less than 48 hours by now.

The figure '4' is bad ..I learnt from the Chinese traditions.  It means bad spell especially death.

How right it was for Malaysia and its multicultural citizens who had lived harmoniously all these years 1957 - 2014.

This year we lost two big planes carrying about 600 - 700 passengers.  One of it could not be traced even though we had employed modern technology, USA and of course the services from the UMNO  'bomohs' on the red carpet while drinking young milky coconuts.  The second plane was shot in Ukraine.  I still could not figure out why our plane was fired and not other planes from countries like Singapore/ Holland/France/England.  There must be some conspiracy between the non-XYZ nations out there.  But I feel strongly  the ghost of Mongolia has an upper hand to that  ..huh?

2)  Yesterday , when 2014 was about to close .. another Air Asia  from Surabaya to Singapore..  went blank from the radar.  The Indonesian big man ..predict it must be at the bottom of the sea bed by now.  Good answer , boss!  But if his daughter (loved ones)  is one of the passengers , perhaps ..he will answer that completely different.

3)  Before that Surabaya plane ,   Kelantan was destroyed 40% - 70% by the biggest flood ever seen by its wonderful people.  May be Allah wanted to clean the rubbish all through out the state and millions of rats near USM, Kubang Kerian. May be ..may be ,.. Allah knows best, actually.   It is the most efficient way to eradicate filth and rots after ex-MB Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat had warned umpteenth times his people to practice cleanliness in all sectors of life there.

4) As a wise men, let us count ourselves as the lucky ones ..even though our homes were destroyed including our cars, motorbikes, bicycles , cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, rubber plantations, oil palm ... , the most important thing is we are still alive kicking the balls around.

In the Quraan ..and the kitab al Hadiths .. let us use this remaining days o believers ..

to ponder and  to reflect at what went wrong throughout our lives including 2014 ..

let us engage ourselves doing more serious  repentance by saying .. Astagh firullah hal azeem (1,000,000 times ),

Subhanallah, Alhamdulilah and Allahu akbar .. 1,000,000 times too morning and evening.

Why did I suggest that?  There are millions of reasons .. first, if we cried blood and pus .. our homes were already destroyed .. second , our cars, lorries  .. we still have to pay the monthly installments to the hungry banks@alongs .. third  all the books, albums  .. they are perished .. cows?  buffaloes, poultry ..  aghhh .. too much to cry ..they are not coming back any more to make all sorts of noise under the floors of our homes.

So good ..  huh .. God Al-Mighty .. gives us something to ponder now.. reflect ..before we too gonna swept away by the strong current which was ' teh tarik' in colour ..

Wallahu aklam  bis sawabbbb.  Al Fatihah.


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