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People feel so nice inside their tummies because of many reasons.  Some of them could be :

1.  his child got all A's in UPSR , PMR or SPM
2.  his wife getting promotion from DG54 to Jusa Grade C
3. her sales getting better and better as days goes by
4.  his husband coming home from abroad after 6 months
5.  parents who passed away so suddenly and left him 5 acres of land next to the Malaysian Plus Highway  and
6.   many more ..

***  if someone ask how do you measure that degree of niceness?

is it bigger than yesterday ?

or what ?  can you describe ..brother?


I think it is quite difficult , really?

How do we quantify that nicenesss?

If it is in the form of a liquid like water ..we can use different sizes of buckets to determine that .. niceness.

1 bucket of nice feeling ..
2 buckets of nice feeling ..

1 tonne of nice feeling ..

See the liquid ..  you need a physical bucket to measure how big the niceness is.

But is nice a liquid?

Is nice a form of solids like .. gold bar /  tin ingots   and  many more ..
or is it a form of gas?


So african citizen will describe the measurement tool quite differently from the asian people like Bangladesh, Pakistanis, Indians , and of course melayu (malaysians).  Why is that so?

may be due to education systems, culture, experience, beliefs, and many more variables

If that is the case ..  how can we standardize it ..so that we can agree on a common scale ..

This is where we have to rely on religion and GOD.


In Islam there is a  word called 'redha'.

Some one is redha with what he has.  He feels there is enough of something (food, money) for his small family for 1 specific day/ night/ time.  So he is contended with what he has ..and. that feeling is called redha/ internal satisfaction.  When redha comes, then niceness comes into his/her heart.  This matters most!

without that feeling of contentment ,..men will be at war ..not only with the whole wide world but ..with his wife, children, and even his animals under his house.

If we do research ..  99.9 % disturbing men  lost that feeling of contentment .. feeling of niceness inside himself .. so as the result they hunted it outside his home.  Sometimes , he is willing to travel long distances to seek contentment/ niceness .. and in the process he got killed.

To cut things short , Allah the Al Mighty ..confesses ..  contentment / niceness only come if you remember me at all corners of your life, all the time.  If you feel I am watching you .. then niceness will come and peek at you all the time.  that feeling will reside somewhere between your breast.

Without remembering me .. never hope that you will get the peace of mind.


In pakistan ..I have seen very poor people who are sleeping so soundly under the schorching  heat  ..  while at the same time ..a very rich  man in California/ China ..can not sleep even a second ..  in spite of him having all kinds off luxuries in his life.  Why?

Some one has Allah in his heart.


Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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