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Every day we hear some people  claiming   they are moderates.  Example ex-DPM Datuk Musa Hitam.

This statement is a bit on the right of a scale (see diagram)

  ! --------------------------------------moderates ---------------------------------!
idiots                                                                                        extremists

2)  By the way what does 'moderates/ moderation ' means?

If we called somebody ..s/he is an idiot .. then most people can understand that.  It simply means somebody who does not know the most basic concepts of life .example in business .  Buy something when it is at the lowest ..and sell it quickly when the price is at the highest. Between those 2 points we get a profit.  That's  the most basic idea in business. You do not have to enroll into  LSE to get profits and stay rich.

LSE = London School of Economics.

If extremist .. what does this mean? the root word is 'extreme'.  I think I have heard this word 40 - 50 years ago  in London.  Usually the public will label us as extremists if .. the following things happened :

first,  the jews and christians shot the muslims when they were absorbed praying Subuh in Mecca/ masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem;
second,  the jews destroyed the lives of palestinians ...

and many many more ..

the neighbours just killed the other neighbours because of differences in religion/ religious views like the case in Bosnia few decades ago.

Now the west labeled the muslims as extremists .. through the activities by IS groups but it goes more than that actually like  :

somebody wearing purdah/ veils  in 1980's;
eating like Holy Prophet Muhamad - Rasululullah (peace be upon him ) ... licking the 5 fingers one after the other after a round of fried rice, cepati and some dal  

and this also includes ...activities like not wearing proper attire among ladies .. even though we have so much cloth in the Mydin stores through out the country.

3)  Extreme =  if we have a solid view of something like .. the woman must stay indoor all the time and cook the rice ,prepare the food, wash all the dirty clothes and entertain the man's needs come winter / summer 24/7

while the men leave the homes to find money and get food for the families ..

see ..the pakistani/ bangladeshi/ indian people ..they left their wives for many many years in Malaysia, Qatar, UAE ..

sometimes the soldiers are sent to the battle fronts knowing in advance ..they will die as soon as they reach there  ..  because their technology is just so backward .. as compared to their enemies ..

So all this ideas ..are considered so extreme.  For those who take this idea all through out their idea .. can we called them extremists?

4)  Some people ..  they pray once in their life time .. are they non-extremist ?.. or mere moderates? .. since the rest of the muslim globally  are praying 5 times a day from dawn to dusk?

So in short, these words moderates, moderation is so broad .. so subjective ..  from one society to the other.

In short, if we are acting , obeying all the commands from Allah .. and stay steadfast to the teachings of islam .. insya allah Allah will love us and put us in the heavens.

Plz do not take these words ..idiots, extremes .. moderates  if .. they are already fixed in the eyes of Allah ..

we must act accordingly that we can live and stay prosperous as a whole nation.

5) Malaysia is a st*pid country because .. it is taking all sorts of idiots from the other sick countries ..

in short we called this as a modern dustbin/ sanitary .

When you take all kinds of people from the Mongolians ..right through to all kinds of ..  Rohingyas ..
without you seriously filter them from security point is concerned ..then
Malaysian police are losing their sleep, lost their guns, composure, and of course some had died because of  unplanned task,  pressure.  Because of this also ..the armed forces .. the municipalities ..the teachers, lecturers , students, public as a whole are not acting .. as well as they should be acting any more.

In any sort of dustbin .. we can smell dirty things right from the start .. but soon ..if we did not do anything with the condition of the dustbin or the smell , soon dirty rotten things becomes so routine @ natural that one can  gradually lose the real smell that really counts for oneself to act wisely live a bit longer.

in short ..  we are dying and we cannot claim to be neither here nor there.  See the Figure again up there. Ask yourself ..where are you now actually ?



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