you got brain brother?

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We made many kinds of errors in our life.

First error .. we choose the wrong course in the university.  We ended ..unemployed.  Imagine doingg aeronautical engineering .. in  a place where drainage system is not yet established ..  So you ended without any job.  Pity you?

Second error ..  we chose the wrong partner.  We came from a poor family but our partner came from a palace of 'all sedaps'.  At last we got stuck.  Some got divorced..some got killed on the roads fighting their family disorder behind the wheel.  Stupid death!

Third error .. we chose the wrong companies.  We got hooked to many social problems - starting with smoking, drug and many kinds of small thefts leading the other.

Fourth error ..

Fifth error ..

2)  Our life full of stupid errors.

Why?  we blamed god but ..from research ..  it boils to our 'brain' actually.

If we measure our own brain ..carefully .. we can see the connection, connectivity and many more.

What is our brain made up of?  first, second, background ..and finally .. common sense.

Yes we lack common sense.  The whole community lacks common sense .. really?

So what is common sense?

the answer simple is in our brain.  The brain is common sense. No commmonsense means no brain.  Mathematically!

3)  i can teach you the most basic common sense. It is not been taught in any parts of the world including the top universities or research centres.

So where?

it is your brain.

bring your hand ..touch your head .. rub your hair ..  yes the common sense is in the brain/ under your hair.

there is no other  place you can solve your problem except doing something with that brain.  Now it is under your hand.

if you got social problem .. stop going to mix with the bad companies any more.
if you borrow so much ..stop.  Do something ..simplify your your life and pattern.  Stop going to expensive restaurants etc etc.  Why must you flash out your credit cards again and again ..when you can't eat enough daily either.

if you have no money is ok ..just escape from eating all the time// no newspaper on earth reveal anybody dies because they lack food. What they die is ..too much food. Too much sugar in their blood.  They slept with so much sugar in their urine. Of course they die.  Who does not die?  Tell me please.


if you cannot score ...your mid term test / exam more/ put more hours studying ..  in the library.

if you cannot get along with your partner break it ..  why grumbe with it?  share the children You take all the boys and the rest give to your partner. Why?  both of you are parts of bringing them to this world .. right?  ..who else?

so .. so ..

4)  In this country, so many problems are happening.

Many illegals came .. stop them.  Why can't you stopthem?   may be you are damn stupid.

Many corruptions happening ..stop them.  Why cant you stop them?  may be .may be are part of the corrupted ones.  See?  to solve ..all of you must resign voluntarily ... simple!

Many acccidents happen on the road.  to stop .. upgrade the bus services/ train services.  Why cant you do that?  You must be an idiot ..  when you build roads and a network of rail lines in the first place ..but still you failed to manage the whole system .  Further more you have 400,000 government staff .. What are they doing , day in and  day out.  Why can't they control the mess!  stop issuing new driving licences to the minors.  For  those who are consistent bad road users..ban them for life.  Simple!

if that number of 400,000 staff .. you still fail to manage wisely ..  then .. the adjective is fit for us.  Just a damn idiot malaysian heads (what ever you wanna call your self) ,.Astagh firullah.
The end.  Basically ..all problems can be solved.  It is all in our hands. Our brains. .

After we try this and that .. then call Allah.  Dont put Allah yet .. why?  you haven't done anything yet , have you?  ha..ha..ha..

So .. the brain ..must be used ..

use more of your brain .. my man/


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