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There are many reasons why many people like Friday very much.

The reasons are :

Firstly,  Friday , is the most holiest day in a week for muslim. They got to go to the mosque at 1230-1430 hours noon in Malaysia.  Today it is very good to send darud (salawat) to the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  1 darud to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) =  10 blessings Allah will be sending you automatically.  Allocate time 20 minutes before Maghrib today .. ask Allah to help you with anything ..studies, journal papers, thesis, viva and many more.

Secondly, for those who are staying far from their families/ spouses .. this is the day when they have the opportunity to meet their loved ones.  Some just drive 100 km from their offices late today and some got to fly here and there.  No matter what, they will travel.  He..he..he.  But ....

on Monday morning, some looked very tired ..because they had slept roughly in the buses. Some are tired because they had been engaged in many kinds of activities like .. 'rewang' during the neighbour's wedding , their children were ill, their parents in law admitted into the hospital,  and some came back alive to their offices  ..  from some sorts of  fightings.  They fought because of money matters and ..  the ladies were not so happy ..when the men came back and complained they were so tired.  In fact the men just arrived to sleep.


The summary is we have to manage many things when we stayed far from each other.  The things that need attention is our health and money.  Without a good health, we cannot catch the plane or buses.  Without money, we cannot buy the ticket home. But most importantly, we must learn to behave at all the places along the journey.

Thank you.


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