Good Morning 3

Posted by sazali


Every time we meet people, we wish them "Good Morning Muthu"  if that person is Muthu by name.


Two very good reasons.

To show that:

(i)  you know a bit of English and most importantly the message is

(ii)  can we be friends ?  He..he..he..

Now what is friend(s) for?

Many things.

At school we can ask many kinds of help from our good friends.  One of them, I can copy their work in Industrial Arts, History, Geography,  and many more.  Without that, we landed ourselves in trouble .with the teacher.  Why got killed by the teachers?

At our residential homes, we can invite friends for a good breakfast and jog together in the park.  From there we learn many things like football, interests, issues why Tun Mahathir is attacking DS Md Najib  etc etc.

At the masjid, we learn many other things of them could be .. quran classses and tajwid.  The teacher could be our own friends too.  See?

for a good peaceful life, Keep your friends will you?



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