Are we sure this 60 40 policy for science here?

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I heard a talk about Government Policy  60/40 favoring science in this country.  This policy came about 50 years ago.  The followings came from a top professor here in Seminar STEM Education for 21st Century Skills in Penang.

So far we cannot get that far because of FIVE main reasons:

1)  exam oriented system of education - we stressed more on the maximum 'A" grades , a student should get at the end of the schooling years

2)  not so good job career advancement

3)  science is very tough indeed for many students,

4)  other streams (arts) have broader  opportunities to grow/ advance  example laws, accounting, I.T, marketing, business, etc  but science got hah ?

5) and unfortunately, the students can see for themselves everyday .. some of their siblings who were science graduates are unemployed just like the arts graduates ..and even if they are hired ..they get the same pay as the science graduates as teachers.

That is it mates..

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