Think nicely of people

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Islam is a beautiful religion.

If we have a plate of rice, that is enough for two of  you.

If we have 10 plates of rice curry, that is enough for 20 people after you.

If you have 100 plates of rice curry, that is enough for a ship of people out there in the sea.  I saw the ships of Rohingyas in the abandoned ships in the Star paper yesterday.  What shall we do?


That's the teachings  of islam.
It encourages us to help others ..regardless of colors and nationalities. as long as you breath with the hidayah and taufiq of Allah ..  you must think of the others who needs your help all the  times.

If he feels the pain (hunger), you as the neighbor ..must feel a bit of the pain too.

Now many of our friends are going out without any jobs.  What shall we do?

Example soon on 10th June 2015 , some MAS (Malaysian Airline System) personnels ..are asked to leave the company.  MAS has suffered a big losses last year when it lost 2 big planes.  Moreover, when we are in difficulties we have to be realistic with 'big' numbers of personnel mending to few kinds of jobs. The right kind of solution - could be retrencement.   Of course their families will feel the pain when the father or mother in MAS is out of work. Who gonna pay the house(s), cars, installments, credit cards, food, mates etc etc .. that is a big pain ..right?

who is going to help them ..  in this tough period.  It is difficult to get jobs when you are not getting younger any more.

GST has come,  the big flood has gone but some live without the houses in Kelantan who are helping them?

As muslim, we must help them.  That is what is called in Islam.

With that, I pen off for now.

Thank you.  Think a bit of our hungry neighbours, will you?



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