Good Morning 4

Posted by sazali


In England , at the bus stops .. if we wanted to break the ice talking to the people

* they will say ' it is bloody cold,    isn't it?'

they are referring to the weather.

British weather is horrible.  Yesterday was sunny and a bit windy . but today ..suddenly it is frozen cold.

2) So weather is a good topic to talk with your 'friends'.

The next thing to talk is about Manchester United Football Club.

Please support your town ..if you are in Preston or Dewsbury , talk about MU else won't be able to get onto the bus.


3) Why do we talk a bit about this and that?

The answer is simply 2:

first:  to show you got a mouth and a nice set of teeth
second : to show you care about the weather
third: after the weather, we can talk other things else.

He..he..he..  you must put some body language too.  A wide smile could help here and there.  Really?

I  greatly enjoyed  staying in England.
Hope my readers can go there too.  I was there for many years - GCE 'A' Levels, degree, masters and in the process I got 2  babies among the thesis.  Well when babies are around with the books, the topic called weather is so interesting and very important indeed.


thank you.



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