I read one Hadith (traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w)

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I read one hadith last few nights.  I read and my wife listen while she sorted out some clothes.

Just sharing what I read.

Abu Hurairah (r.a) naratted that Rasululullah s.a.w.  said that " ...there are many of us gaining nothing from fasting except hunger and thirst .. many are the ones getting nothing from solat tahajuds, awabim, witir etc etc ,,,,,except experiencing the pain in lack of sleep and the recitation of the Holy Quraan ......and many more " ,

(to the nearest meaning that I could remember)


the answers are:

* back biting and slandering
** not trust worthy
*** cheating
etc etc


We are living in a modern society .  We claimed that we are very modern.  Long time ago, it was direct back biting / slandering ..but now through modern gadgets etc etc ..the backbitings and slandering came in many forms.

A blogger like me ..  could be one of those who got nothing from fasting in Ramadhan except hunger and thirst ..

-- what is back biting?  It is not biting your back ...  it means ..you are talking ill of some body today, yesterday and all the times since God equips you with a big mouth..

Examples of back biting:  he is a useless cop/  he always stop the motorcyclists and demand red notes //  she is a useless wife , why you take her?  ..  she has been jandaing few times already ....  all men did not want to live with her any more.  Janda =  divorced lady

He is a dangerous man ..all women that marries him dies ..within 3 years ..he must have something there. Watch out! What I know he is very bossy even in the dead of the night.  My friend told me ..he never sleep at night.  So he must have done something bad to his wives.  Hush .hush ..hushhh ..  real bugger.

Did you have any proof ?  Proof is not easy.  So better keep quiet alll the times.


I pity the  journalists etc etc ..they earned their living from writing all sorts of stories.  Few stories are cooked up ..  the real thing is just 2 cm but from the world of  journalism the story could be put .. 2 kilometers  long.  So many trees in Kelantan were cut to accommodate for that  kind of stories.  He..he..he..  remember Mona Fandi ..  and the late Datuk Mazlan (al fatihah).

So journalists - watch out ..write things carefully.
If you write so carefully .. the METRO won't be as thick as today.  Can we imagine METRO with 2 pages only?  The first page about Datuk Najib flying again to USA with his wife tagging along ..  and the second page ..  PM giving a better perks to the Principals and Headmasters in conjunction with Happy Teachers Day.  Full Stop!  who gonna buy that 1 gram paper?

Without sensational stories ..  people from all agencies (reports, news) can start  packing up their gadgets ..and say good bye.


not trust worthy  ( cannot be relied at all )

Police man is hired to control the society from thefts , robberies etc.
But nowadays, if we put some beautiful ladies from Vietnam, Thailand,  ..in their lock ups ..  hish hish, hish be careful ...  my late dad said ..the Vietnamese girls are like fishes while the ..police men .. (some/ few) ..   they are like hungry cats or dogs ..

if they lack iman or fear to Allah .. they eat the girls.  Soon ..  court cases .. reporters .. etc etc .. and very soon all of the cats/ dogs were relieved from their posts.  Verdict : not trust worthy.

In the case of that lady  ..2 from few thousands Malaysian policemen used bomb.  Imagine?  I learnt the bomb is used to blow a mountain ... but here the policemen blew up the beautiful model .. and ..wait ..  one time all related players were let free ..but at the end after PRU13 ..  only 1 cop  confessed he did that because he got instruction from his boss.  See?  Who is the boss?


Some of us did not realize they cheated every day.  Example a teacher.  She is suppose to get into the classroom at 0800 and finished her teaching at 1000 morning.  But .. not all teachers can do that.  Some blame the traffic system in this country. Some blamed the policemen and some blame their imported cars.  Basically they could not start teaching at 0800 sharp at all.  So the pay we got at the end of the month is not 'that clean' at all.  So we were hungry for nothing ...  hungry from food, drinks,  etc etc ..but we never talk things as simple as this.  Why stop talking?  i think We assume so much we gonna be the inhabitants of the heavens after all  ..full stop!

So that is it folks.

Watch out.  The summary is

Say nothing during Ramadhan mubarakkkk. But as teachers we could not afford to keep quiet all the times.  at times we shouted to the students too.

Al Fatihah.



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