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My country is Malaysia.  My friends coined it this way ..  May Allah let all you sacrifice (in Asia).

Since the first prime minister of Malaysia was the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al- Haj , and he was the first President of OIC (  Organization of Islamic Council)  in this world ..and the present Prime Minister Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak .. always mention our country as an example of  an Islamic country ..

then ..many problems in the islamic countries ..

seem to look at Malaysia as the problem solver.  Sacrifice = korban/ dikorbankan/ parted with your money, belongings.  Yes we always got to help every poor asian souls.

2)  Parallel to that, in our education system, we stress a lot of problem solving and critical thinking.  Plus collaboration and communication skills ..

So now is the time to use all that skills.

What say you?

3)  O yes, all water flows from the mountains to the ocean.

Since Nepal is a mountainous country ,  Myangmar and Thailand have mountains and hills .. the people start flowing (floating)  to  the south when they got earthquake and other epidemic.

It happens that Malaysia / Indonesia are the southern most islamic countries. So there we are.

What to say?

4) In return God Allah has bestowed us so much luxury.

We eat a lot ..waste a lot of food and time .. some of us slept all sunday morning God send us somebody ( new faces) to wake us up ...  and let us share the wasted food  ..with our friends from the northern countries.  Can?


Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.
Al Fatihah


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