1 cake, 2 mouths

Posted by sazali


In Islam, it teaches us to share.

What we have , we share.

This is fractions.

2) If we have 1 big cake, we can have 2 sons eating up the cake.  No problem?

If we have 2 goats, we can have a kenduri/ feast. At least 20 people can finish the mutton.  No problem?

If we have a big fat cow, we can call 80  people to eat the beef .. no problem.

So with that ..if we have 1 Malaysia, the whole world can come here and eat what ever it has , will there be any more Malaysia physically ? He..he..he.. God gives 'khair' by eating and sharing the food together.  Seee the tablighi jammat people. They eat in 1 big tray regardless of the nationalities, philosophy of lives ..they just eat ... google ..youtube   tablighi istima'  tunggi Bangladesh/ see how they eat?  I don't think OIC ministers practice that in their own comfortable  life at home even though they speak so big about Islam and its wonderful virtues..

3)  See? the laws of  Allah has come for us to apply.

Before that .. Al Mighty Allah sent tsunami to remind the muslims in Achehs.... you cannot rest so happy all the time.  Allah sent some form of test.

Soon ..the Japanese got the tsunami too.

Soon Kelantanese got  the biggest  flood in the century ..where many people lost their homes and properties ..just within 2 - 3 days.

See ..Allah sent tribulations for us to think and ponmder.  Make corrections within ourselves.

Niow ..

He sends more people from Myangmar ..  flocking to our shores.

The good indonesians supplied .. all the oil, petrol, food ..to them ..but their heart is always Malaysia.

Why is that so?

To give us the chance to be the people of the heaven ..most possibly...

If the beautiful Europeans came here on boats ..I think no problem  ,.we shall accept them with all our abilities ..

but the problem is .... the Myangmars ..is not like the Europeans.



That is the problem.




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