As I am retiring ...Part 1

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Upon graduation, I have already worked  30 years at two secondary schools, 1 polytechnic MOHE and 1 public university.  I had also worked in Science and Maths Resource Centre (PSPN)  in Kota Bharu Kelantan under Tuan Hj Abdul Ghani Mat a science and maths assistant director.

Since that time .. I thought of writing   2 - 3 main topics before I retire for good.  the topics are

* attitude of
    **  local versus foreign students studying in malaysia
     ** local versus  foreign lecturers working in Malaysia

* learning environment
    *  as found in this country as compared to England


Why is attitude , my main address?

The reasons are many.  One of them is ..  without professional attitude ..we cannot say we are any where near the universities like Tokyo/  Cambridge and Birmingham (England). They had provided good education to thousands of graduates far and wide.  More over , their products like computer software such as SPSS and Matlab speak volume of their superiority over any university  here that is enjoying an equatorial type of climate.  We got rain and hot weather the whole year through.

WE must work professionally because at the moment many universities in Malaysia are beginning to realize that ..

there is a constant demand to learn IT and engineering ..  from Indonesia, Yaman, Somalia , Nigeria and many more countries.  We provide education at a lower fee as compared to American universities.

There is something big going to happen 10 - 30 years from now in our country ..  but before that happen, our so - called graduates (degree, masters and Ph.D) could speak the quality of education that they got from this university.  Mouth to mouth recommendation is more valuable than internet advertisement .. at any time.

2)  I could still remember when few of my friends that laughed at me ...once i mentioned ..about iraqian student doing masters here.

They .. asked me ..  why didn't you get Japanese , Korean and chinese students from Beijing ..  etc etc?

Well I did not answer  those ..  silly questions ..because I am just a lecturer.

If I am a Minister in Education Ministry ..perhaps i can give a better answer.  More over, not all questions must be answered.  I think PM testify me this.


From my experience studying in Leeds and Birmingham .. the important things are ..  as lecturers ..we must give the best brain that we have.  We must enter the lecture theater fully prepared and willing  enough.. to answer any questions thrown by students as closely related to our topic(s).

If we can do that .. we are putting the name of our institutions ... in the right place .. else ..
we are destroying ..many things examples image and the countries' inspiration in having a hub of higher learning at this place called P.Raja.


Insyallah i write more on the above ..scope.  God Willing!
Till then.. have a good week end ahead.  Don't worry .  Be happy... i can write.



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