Why teacher .. assignments and homework

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As student we are given some assignments again and again.  Why?

so that:

a) we can know .. are we following the lessons as well as what the teachers expect from us
b) we can assesss how much we know
c) we can know ourselves ..where are our weak points as far as a topic is concerned.  If there is one, do not hesitate to see your masters/ tutors.. they are paid to help you
d)  the more we can do the assignments by ourselves ..we can monitor our confidence in that subject
e) the more we understand the lecture, tutorial ..we should be able to write a computer program by ourselves
f)  many more benefits

All in all ..  assignments form a big proportion in our carry mark (coursework evaluation).  If we score well with the assignments ..then half of the battle ..  we had already won.  If we are struggling with the assignment ..  then watch out .. the exam question might be tough for you my dear.

So stay focus.

Do well .. in your exam.

oops ... collect the assignments  b4 u take the exam.

Don't be surprise ..some assignments went missing. Why? may be the car that keep your assignments for the last 3 months .. was stolen .. some where in China Town, KL.  See?



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