Ayat ayat 'IF'

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Semalam saya membaca satu artikel dari akhbar STAR 28 MEI 2013 Malaysia hasil sumbangan dari  Alistair King.  Ph.D

Tajuk article ialah 'IF.."

if only i had the time ..
if only i had had the time..

i wish i had the time .
i wish i had had the time .

if you take / give/ accept ..' (future) + will..
if you took/ gave/ accepted ..' (present) + would ..

if you had taken/ given/ accepted ..' (past) + would have ...

if you accept our terms , you will be entitled to 6 months free trip to KB.(likely)
if you accepted our terms , you would be entitled to 6 months freee trip to KB . (less likely)
if you had accepted our terms, you would have been entitled to six months free trip to KB.(impossible , as ts too late now.)

Now how about negative forms.

if the  contractor does not comply with the terms of the contract, his services will be terminated.'

if the contractor did not comply with terms of the contract , his services would be terminated.'

past:  if the contractor had not complied with the terms in the contract, his services would have been terminated.

the negative statements can be expressed using 'unless..'

unless the contractor complies ....

unless the contractor complied ...

unless the contractor had complied ...

sometmes a present situation is dependent on a past condition such as in:

if we had applied for the approval earlier, the project would now be complete.

if you had not taken my advice , you would be in trouble now.

if only you had taken care of your health in your youth, you would not have these enormous medicall bills in Putra Hospital!


if i were you..

please make strong effort to learn english seriously.

it will help you in future.

thank you.



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