Kenapa jadi gitu?

Posted by sazali


Today ...  i just walked out of the examination room ..  examining FYP PSM2.

I observed 1 important thing.

The chinese tried very hard to present their work in English even though the english they are using is not 100% perfect.  BTW , congrat ..they tried very hard.

The malays .. out of 10 presenters ..not even 1 ...tried anything .. in English.  Few of them wrote their report in English .. but when they presented their PSM2 FYP .. they went all BM.

What is wrong here?

2)  May be there is something wrong with the way .. BI is taught at schools by the malay teachers.  They quickly accepted that BI is not for the malays that is why at university level .. after 3 years degree ..many of them went home .. with very little confidence in english.

I think there is some truth .. why chinese, indian  parents think .. at the government schools ..  less stress on english ..because ..  every body accept ..the students lack english interaction etc etc daily ..not only at home but also inside their classroom.

that is why adays many chinese parents send their children to chinese schools where the chinese teachers tried extremely hard .. to teach english to the chinese children.  even though they spoke broken english .. their english is good enough to do many kinds of business.

Hard luck MOHE/ MOE.  we wasted so many millions of RM ..and this is what we got at one of the public universities.

So sad.

It is hard to tell the truth ..  but it is very true ..  i think .. at least most of what i wrote up there.

Thank you.


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