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Good Morning mums and mummy

Yesterday you got Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day ..  mummy, mum ..

You must be very happy.

But there are a few of us who are not that happy .... why?

There are many reasons to it ... let us see one after the other as listed below:

1)  our children hardly call us daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ..  or the time never ends

They hardly called us because they are very busy with their lives.  They got children of their own.  So the priority is on their children .. then it is us ..  our turn.  Some of us .. think .. we should be the first to be prioritized but time has changed a lot these days.

2)  our children rarely treat us to a good dinner/ lunch/  holiday in Bandung , Acheh etc etc

Well time has changed.  Nowadays everything is money.  We go to the toilet cost money.  We park cars .. that too rob our money.  Tuition is the king of the day nowadays.  Our grandchildren take tuition from year 6 to 18 . They think doing well in the exams the most important thing in the world nowadays.  So there goes all their money.  What is left is their insurance Prudential, Ikhlas Takaful and many weddings here and there.  That consume all the time and rest.

Tomorrow after the wedding they are on the road again.  Cat and mouse game!
So don't be sad .. mummy.

3)  Friends are more important than relatives and also their mummy.

If we looked at how we celebrated our Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Aidil Adha .. most kids are glued to the TV sets.  If not TV ..they are with their handsets , FB , final year projects etc etc.  The list never ends. So their friends are everything.

If you ask them to visit .. your relatives .. in some places ..  in raya ..  see ttheir faces?  are they putting nice faces to your invitation?  Check/  measure .. them .  Ha..ha..

Sooner or later ..  their mummy is not the main figure in their lives any more.

They visit their mummy .. if they know their mummy is seriously ill.  Like that lah ..

or .. the mummy asked the dad to come over .. to sign some documents about WILLs / wasiat etc etc.

You know what ..  some chhildren sold their lands (inherited) immediately after their mummy / daddy disappear from this earth.  Why?

many factors.  One of them is easy money.  So I just do not see ..why we must cut our meals and vacations to buy properties like land , shophouses ..when at the end of the day ..  it all goes into their pocket fast and dry.

My late daddy told me ....  it is easy to spend any money that you never save / struggle to save for years.  So the properties in the kampung .. just disappear.

4)  they look at your record too with your own mothers, daddys etc

If you treated your own mum well ..then that cycle will come to you .. willingly or unwillingly.  Your children will shower you with love and all kinds of presents.

But .. that is rarely seen nowadays.

many mums..    mistreated their old parents in front of the children's eyes.  Did you remember PETRONAS  advertisement somewhere between 2002 to 2012.  The couple gave the old daddy .. his  food that fit for the cat (kuching)  ..  day in and day out.    In Jogjakarta, it is called 'nasi kucing'.  Very cheap.  No value.

So there it goes ... mummy.  That cycle now comes to some of you.

Your own children .. now is serving badly to you just like that kuching in Jogjakarta.  So what can you say now?  Are you going to open the kitab and sumpah your own children. It is not fair mum.  It is never fair.  You are now a kuching .. because you treated your own mum a kuching too that day .. in front of your grandchildren's eyes ..  So the history repeats itself.  Allah gives us a story clear and sound while we r still alive.

many of you ..think you are the inhabitants of the heaven just because .. heaven is under the foot of a mummy .. but you forgot another story ..  our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  told us .. most of the inhabitants of the hell fire ...are ladies.  Why?  Ask your ustaz, ustazah .. and many more.  I am just writing here ..for everybody to take heed .. of how history repeats itself knowingly/ unknowingly.  So please take care mum. Do something .. before it is too late. Why?  i always love you.


In summary, ..  don;t think so much about the good things that are not guaranteed any more.

It is better to handle your life ..your own.  But ..there is nothing wrong call your children instead.  Spend some money your grand children and ask them how they are doing.

Buy rambutans and durians ..take a taxi from the kampung ..and visit your children in Ampang, KL.
There is nothing late ..  it is better late than never.

Many of us .. think bad about our children.  They cried the early hours of the Eid (Aidil Fitri) when nobody ..  no love ones .. are staying a day or two to celebrate the auspicious day.  Well don't cry mummy.

That is the order of the day.  Take it ..  swallow it ..

The world has changed.  It has changed a lot know?

BTW, I always pray to Allah .. you will be alright.  Mummy.  I always love you mummy ..what ever you are.  I know it is painful to write this .. but the fact must be given to you.  The world has changed a lot out there.


Your only son  - Meet u there.


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