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As teachers, most of us would  like to be appreciated.  Big success in PMR and SPM means a lot to the teachers especially in the subjects called English and Mathematics in Kelantan, Kedah and Sabah.  It is good for the principal to mention our sacrifice once in a while what leads to the above success .  This brings good harmony between teachers, students and principal.  For well to do families, why not buy some nice clothes for these teachers.  Or better still .. buy air ticket to visit the Golden Bridge in California, can you?

But to be an effective teacher (lecturer) it is good to hear the complaints from your own students.

The complaints could be :

  • you teach so fast  teacher
  • your handwriting needs more care 
  • your oral (questions) are very boring and direct
  • the whiteboard markers you are using are always short of ink teacher
  • you did not prepare right?  (most of the time)
  • your hand phone always ring.  Why not you become the Prime Minister Sir?
and the list continues.

2) I  make it a point to hear criticism from my own students.  Sometimes it hurts but the the truth is .. this will make us ..  improve a bit a time.

He..he.. he..

What do you think teachers?



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