penyanyi jalanan

Posted by sazali


Today I took tea break at Sungai Gelugor coffee shop lots near the market.

While drinking I listened to a blind singer ..  he sang many nice songs 1970 - 1980s.  Besides him are his parents. One blind and one normal.  They make their livings from selling handicraft products.  I bought their work once.

Good songs and Well Done brother!  While drinking ..  i saw some people putting some cash into a special box.  Wush lucky they are.  Just sing ..they get money.  Actually malaysians are soft hearted people.   You can get money easily by singing 'semua hutang', 'oh azizah' and many more.    

2)  Thinking about him , I must admit ..many nikmats that Allah has given me and you.  Most of us have good pair of eyes.
We see the beauty of this world immediately after we wake up from our bed.  Then we see the bathroom and many more things ( our wives, children, food etc etc ).  We got the eyes free frrom the work of Allah Azawajalla.

Without eyes, what is the use of expensive cars and houses , right?

Without eyes, we cannot see the whiteboard to write this and that.

Without eyes, it is difficulkt to get a teaching job.  Right?  without eyes , we have so many limitations.  Perhaps, our wives would think twice or thrice to accept us as their husband.  What is good with a husband who can only 'raba' 24/7 ?  he..he..

So to thank Allah (being grateful) ..we must take care of our eyes from seeing forbidden things ..

aurat of the ladies/ students

films from the TV , cinemas etc etc.

youtubes, yahoo , sports games, etc etc.

With that .. I pen down my writings with my usual glad tidings .. wasallam n wallahu aklam bis sawabb



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