a new friday smiling at you

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A new friday  has come again.

Hope you and I are all in the state of well-being.  Alhamdulillah. (praise be to Allah).

On Friday, we usually read Yassen a surah from the Holy Qurran.

In the morning at 0600 hours , we attend congregation prayers in the nearby mosque to do fajr solat.  In the solat, we read qunnut.

One of the ayat in the qunnut is :"..  may you give us good health..my Robbbb".

2) For those you are ill, don't forget to do fajr solat and read the qunnut.  Ameen.  The imam ameen, the angels ameem too .. so your ill healthh ..the angels brought the story to the Al Mighty Allah without the needs of Pos Laju at all.  Express towards Allah's bestow.

3) Other than thosee prayers, we visit our old parents in the late evenings so that ..they are happy with us ... if we brought our children , our parents smile will be printed on their faces ..throughout the whole day.  See?

Islam teaches us simple things but it last for ever.

Small good deeds if we practise constantly .. Allah will give us sakinah, baraqoh and everlasting happiness.  Our face daily tells a lot about our level of happiness.  I haven't met any one whose faces are like frogs but they confess they are in the state of happiness.  A happy man attracts many people including 'expecting' cats and squirrels near the place he lived.

I write this ..in view of so many people out there ..who  are seeking a peaceful life and happiness.

I am sure they go all out to getr that ..  and I am confident ..they will try ..to come and visit visit internally and externally.

Come to the fold of Islam ..will you?

Happiness and peace are things that many human do take that ..some thing for granted.

If there is no peace .. no happiness ..what is there to

3.1 big positions in the government
3.2  beautiful wife
3.3  big piece of land, country and the globe (if you want it)
3.4 many more ..  wants (desire ..carnal desires)

Rest assured if God did not give you the above two things .. you will never find the peace and tranquility that .. a simple man has enjoyed all these years ..able to sleep in the middle of a divider under a scorching heat in Bombay and Calculatta India.


Other than that on friday, we are encouraged to read 'darud/ salawat'.  One salawat to the dear prophet muhammad s.a.w ..Allah sends darud to you 10 times more and more.  Imagine if you read salawat 10,000 times while preparing for food for your family today.  Allah with the help of his malaikats sends 100,000 times.  When Allah sends blessings to you ..insya allah rest assured ..you will be happy today, tomorrow and many more days to come.  Smile my dear?

With that .. I pen off ..and my invitation for you to come into the fold of Islam ..  is ON ..and it is open 24/7. Please think and find the time.
This will be the proof to my AlMighty Allah .. through my words ..I spread the Deen of Islam.  Come ..just come ..you won't regret at all..



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