Worry 1

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Most people worry.  Seldom have I met someone who is not worried with anything on this TEMPORARY planet.

Let me give some examples.

1) some worry after graduation. Is there a job for me?
2) some parents worried.  All their big girls .. are not yet married. Age 40+ ; OMG?
3) some are worried with their poorer health after retirement.  Cannot eat this and that even though s/he has sacks of RM
4) some worried about the highway.  Is it going to rain again?  flash flood
5) a prime minister ..is worried too .. is he going to stay in power in the next 4 years to come?
6) our ex-premier is worried too ..  is he going be around to see PRU14 ?  he..he..

in fact most of us are worried.

My worry .. many too but (secret) . Sorry.

In short ..most humans are worried with so many damn things.  Some can be quantified like money making businesses but some can't ..say a wife getting fed up with her husband poor health and bad mouth. May be she is thinking hard of elloping/ escaping to another man's company.  See?

In the eyes of Allah .. one who is worried about the deen of Islam ..a moment of this worry is better than 1 year of optional solat.

What worry is this?

  • what will happen to the muslim girls in 20 - 30 years time. Are they going to stay in the amal of mukminah?
  • what will happen to a family where the father prays but the mum and children never / who is going to see this family?  UMNO/ PAS/ PKR / TABLIGHI  kah?
  • what will happen to a young mum whose husband has just passed away . She had just converted into islam 3 months ago. Am I the best candidate to rescue her ..for Allah's  sake? (the writer is smiling broadly)
  • what will happen to a kampung in Sabah when the mosque is shut most of the days except friday and Eid Mubaraks
and many more . Sorry.  So ..dear 

For my dear readers ..who among us ..have ever sat down thinking hard about the deen of Allah.  If you do and decided to rectify yourself in the work of dakwah like tablighi jamaah  ..rest assured you are going to be loved by Allah and all his creations. the promise of Allah is always real and SOHIH.

May Allah takes you and me ..in his eternal  mercy. Ameen. 



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