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Which is more sickening ..extreme "fear" or just worry?

2)  In Bahasa Malaysia ..fear means ' takut gagal ..kecundang .. kena tangkap dan dipenjarakan kerana menipu dan mengebas wang rakyat terlampaulah banyakkk, saman ..menyebabkan kerugian wang, masa, hartabenda dan mungkin nyawa'.  Penipu = memalukan kaabah jer..

In BM .."worry" is a little bit less frightening ... psychologically.

But both worry and fear can come hand in hand ..when both comes into play .. man suffers constipation and problem in urine/ heart pressure/ blood pressure and many more.  Sometimes, her beautiful wife appears to be .. just a solid rock.

3) if we are just  a simple teacher .. our worry is ..our students could not answer the questions this year since PT3 had proved that we lack HOTS in most of our daily teachings. [ HOTS high order thinking skills but

if we are a soldier .. if we join the opposition party .. there is more fear than worry in losing our job once we are put  under the court marshal.
Usually we lost against the court marshal.  They have set already the punishment b4 they put their eyes on you.

4)  Consequences of losing a job.  There are six  I think:

4.1  loss of income
4.2  loss of respect
4.3  loss of face/ image/ dignity
4.4  loss of self worthiness
4.5  loss of friends and
4.6  loss of  'similar points of interest'.

5) Elaborations:

Let me elaborate here .. bear with me plz?

I just want to dive deep into point number 5 above which is losing friends,.

In the markaz ..  army camp ..  we have so many friends.  Not only friends ..their wives / spouses/ children are also our friends including the driver - school buses.

When we have many friends ..their simple going in the army camp is also part of our good life.
Breakfast time ..we go to the mamak stall together
Dinner time .. sometimes we met them too again and again

if this continues for months, years . then their habits are also our habits like watching football game at the stall in the middle of the night.

Once we loss our job ..the above habit will automatically stop.
The job stop.. the habit stop ..the friends' calling will also stop.  So we are lost in .. our own kampung.

The kampung folk ..won't understand many things that we had taken things for granted all this while in the army camp .. family day, supporting football team (EPL) like MU , big fast bike .. and many more.

Sooner boredom creeps in.  Boredom can  kill , man.
So be careful.

If you are just an income based worker like me .. teacher/ soldier/ policeman/ custom/ SPRM / putrajaya/ universities/ polytechnics/ ministeries ..  I think you know what I mean. We cannot dare to lose our job , right?  Did yu  read MAS case few weeks back before Hari Raya. Imagine the hardship the families have to endure .. when the big boss has no where else to go ..  to earn RM10,000 a month when yiu are already 40 PLUS ..is not so easy ..you know?  To start a business ?  He..he.. he.. you must find a product that man, woman wants every day like food but alas .. your beautiful wife with her well pampered hands cannot cook that well. Her cooking is just a bit better than your own cooking 25 years ago when you were an undergraduate.  Her drinks is always damn sweet .so in short your restaurant cannot last man ..in order to get RM10K per month.  So better ..be a good soldier old man.  [ laugh]

So in short ,,,, a word of advice , mind you, ..be careful , will you?

Dr S


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