Fear Part II

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When do we feel extremely afraid of something .. in this case we called 'fear part 2'?

The possible answers  may be:

1)  for a boy  ..  when he was introduced to a 'tok mudin' with all his delicate tools and the big big banana stem.  I could not forget .. my spatula (lutut) shook madly 45 years ago ..Wow ..luckily he did not make any minutest mistake.  Results 6 children from one lady.  If four ... mathematics could do its work ..

2) for a young mum ..  her day to deliver her first baby .. I had that in Leeds University Hospital and Birmingham Heartland Hospital .. [ me accompanying my wonderful wife

3)  for a mongolian?  ..  she must have felt ..  that fear extremely .. because she did not know ..what were these malay @#!$ men gonna do  with her in Puncak Alam at the dead of the night ..  ten years ago.  Results? you know already in Bolehland ..every thing can ..one day all freed ..the next day ..  they were sentenced to death.  Wushhhh..very confusing ...

4)  and many more.


We man felt that fright because ..

we may die/
we may loss our beloved one
we may end up ... into pieces.  Anything can happen in the top of the virgin mountain.

Most men do not want to die so quickly because ..there are so many plans today and tomorrow.
A boy wanted to sit for exams and .. go for his rezki in UK, USA, Canada, Europe , Africa,   arab and other Asian countries that are waiting for him in the years to come.

A husband do not want his wife to pass away ..because ..  they have many more years to go to bring up their children together and together .. Human's planning - that is what we call?

That is our thoughts.

But God (Allah) has another plan for us.


Syukur ..after my study ..I met many more beautiful people.  I met my students from many walks of life.  Some are rich and some are very poor. Pity them ..but as a teacher ..I try my best to teach and educate them.  Today , one of my best student is sitting for his Ph.D viva. I am typing things here and my doa for him to passs and do well in future. I am not rich like our Prime Minister ..with his 2.6 billion RM donation ... but .. my prayers for my best student today  has no ends.  Ameen. Ameen.

For that , I wanted to say 'alhamdulilahhhhh/ thanks God.. you make me a man and full up my life with many kinds of blessings and ..  what else of the nikmat can I deny (surah Ar Arahmannn)

But sometimes .. the man who is frighten with death ..  he did not die .. instead ..another human being who takes care of him in the USM ward got an accident and ..  many stories after that. See?  This proved that we are not the one  that controls everything .. it is God who is most powerfulllllll.... la ila ha illallah ...

If man can be so powerful ..there won't be tsunami, earthquake, flood and ..many more  disasters.

So watch out .  all of us.  Stay taqwa .. and Allah will remove all your worries and fear.  Else ..he puts everything into your heart and brain.  Just ask a man who have stopped sleeping so peacefully ever since.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb

@#!$ = nate


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